[My Pixel arts]

Here I post some of my little pixel arts:

"Biome": I was bored so I got Minecraft Villager's houses and I made some kind of "biome".

"Black Magik": A icon which I have used in Twitter.

"Dubstep": I like dubstep, and before it was so popular (or before I discovered it was already popular), I felt I was "some kind of different". Nowadays, everybody wants to be different but nobody is. And, nowadays, I don't enjoy listening to dubstep like I used to because "everybody likes dubstep".
[Now I enjoy more trap.]

"Portal FTR": One of my Portal (by Valve) Pixel arts (the rules -> the physics laws).

"It's me": One of my "It's me" Pixel arts. It's me with some kind of hardware synth/MIDI controller. That's not a creeper ;).

"It's me 2": The other "It's me" Pixel art. Some kind of Minecraft head.

"Portal gun": The other Portal-themed Pixel art.

"SDE plays!": SDE stands from Salida De Emergencia, the band where I used to play the keyboards.

"Underworld": I consider it one of my best Pixel arts. The size of this one is not a power of 2, I had to make it with a special size since I created this Pixel art after making a sketch (in a paper :O).

"Use the triforce!": One of my firsts Pixel arts. A mix between Star Wars and Zelda videogame series (which I don't dislike but don't love either).

EXTRA DATA: As you can see, almost every Pixel art has a size which is a power of 2, like 32x32 and 64x64 (then resized to be displayed correctly here). I don't know why but I like more to make little Pixel arts.